Florida Creativity Weekend XIV

March 24-26, 2017

Sponsored by the Florida Creativity Alliance

Florida Creativity Alliance

Florida Creativity Alliance is a year round non-profit organization sponsoring the Florida Creativity Weekend conference.

We promote and encourage creativity and innovation in ways which make a positive difference in people’s lives, communities, and the world.

  • Educators and Trainers
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals
  • Artists
  • Anyone interested in personal growth and wellness

Creativity is an essential personal and professional life skill because it empowers through a process that provides options, and supports resilience in the face of change.

Our Co-Chairs


Priscilla Goodwin-Serra


Kitty Heusner


Hedria Saltzman

Florida Creativity Weekend

Florida Creativity Weekend is presented by the Florida Creativity Alliance, Inc. in partnership with the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee and Florida Studio Theatre.


The Florida Creativity Planning Team is made up of educators, creativity professionals, business people, and not-for-profit organization representatives with a shared passion for promoting the benefits of creative thinking, problem solving, expression and education. They volunteer their time and talents to encourage positive change as people develop their amazing creative potential. The conference environment is designed so that everyone can both share and learn.

Florida Creativity Conference

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Florida Creativity Weekend XIV

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Building Connections

Spending time with friends, getting inspired by content, being in Sarasota in March. Great sessions, good food, and friendly people. Conference was well organized.

The conference was very well organized, the food was terrific, and the variety and quality of programs were all outstanding.

Excellence of speakers, choices of workshops, environment, food service, and dedication of planning team.

The conference was so well organized. It appeared seamless! I was most impressed with that! Beautiful campus + beautiful people = success! The session offerings were varied and enriching.

Overall, the people attending the conference are interesting and open-hearted and minded. It was easy to connect. And I'll keep in touch with many of the people I met.

It was nice to find some like-minded people who enjoy improv and who work with students. I find it refreshing to encounter and connect with open and unassuming people.

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